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How My Sex Life Forced Me to Write This Book

Hi, I'm Tom Johnson, author of Better Sex For Men... a book that's already
changed the lives of thousands of men and women because I was nearly
forced to make it my mission.

Let me tell you a surprising true story...

In my twenties, I had plenty of sex with my share of women. Sometimes romantic and sensual. Other times steamy and heart-pounding.

Mile high club? You bet!

There was plenty of variety even in steady, long-term relationships.

... Until the day I got married.

We followed "the rules"... well, almost. We had sex just once before speaking our vows.

Then, as if being punished for enjoying years of hot sex...

... we had sex maybe once a month, if I was lucky; and when we did,
it was horribly unfulfilling.

I turned into the poster guy for "Get Married and Don't Get NONE!"

My 'studly' ego crashed and burned. My confidence... crushed!

For the first time in my life, I felt what it was like to be deprived of a healthy,
vibrant sex life.

I felt embarrassed, angry... imprisoned!

Now I knew how other guys felt - guys who struggled with little or no
sexual excitement in their lives. It sucked!

Sadly, the marriage didn't last. And because I knew how good a thriving
sex life could be, I made it my mission to get my own sex life back on track...


... help others enjoy the kind of passionate sex I knew was possible.

But make no mistake!

Better Sex For Men was NOT written from my own (one guy's) experience.

My almost sexless marriage forced me to question everything I thought I knew...

So I bought 58 sex-related books. I saw sex educators, doctors and sex therapists. I tried male and female perspectives to leave no stone unturned. After years of research, study, and therapy, I created the ultimate man's guide to better sex.

Better Sex For Men has already helped thousands of men and women enjoy better, more regular, fulfilling, and exciting sex. And I'm completely confident it will do the same for YOU! Which is why I'm going to let you read it completely risk free (more about that in a minute).


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Here's More of What You'll Discover in Better Sex For Men:

  • 6 things your woman wants you to say and do to get her in the mood
  • What you need to know about the 4 phases of sex
  • Simple exercises that strengthen your sexual "muscle" and give you rock hard
  • How overweight men can gain an inch or more in penis length
  • How to instantly enlarge your penis without surgery
  • My Top-15 Ultimate Sex Toys for increased intimacy and pleasure. Not only are most of
    these the hottest selling toys on the market today, I've tested and approved them, and
    they're AWESOME!! Whatever her personality, there's something here that'll drive her wild.
  • And much more revealed below...

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Who Should Get Better Sex for Men?

Married Men:
If you want to bring more excitement back into the bedroom... more passion and romance into your relationship... or just
have better sex more often, this book is for you.

Guys Who are Single or Dating: If you really want to make a lasting impression on your girlfriend... or you want the next woman you take
into the bedroom to 'label' you as the guy who knows how to unleash her wild side... get this book. It will change your life forever.

Women: A LOT of women buy this book. Why? To understand more about what makes him tick... to gain a man's perspective on sex
for the good of your relationship... and most important to encourage your guy to meet YOUR emotional and sexual needs.

Even More of the Secrets in This Book...

  • The One sexual position found to intensify orgasms in 70% of women and 45% of men.
  • Learn the 7 steps to Orgasmic perfection
  • What women say and what they mean are two different things. How to clue into the true meaning behind her words
  • The male G-spot: where it is and how to find it
  • Little-known secrets to longer, more intense male orgasms
  • Masturbation: Science and statistics
  • The ONLY 18 sexual positions you'll ever need (with illustrations). These positions represent my personal SECRET SEX ARSENAL that has earned me "super stud status" with numerous women. When you introduce these mind-blowing positions to your wife or girlfriend, you instantly separate yourself from ANYONE "she's ever been with" Period! And you'll take your love life to blissful new heights in a single night! Don't even bother with books offering hundreds of awkward and uncomfortable positions. Stick with these, and you'll enjoy plenty of variety for a life time of excitement and pleasure.
  • Oral Sex for Men: How to encourage her to please you, willingly
  • And still more...

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Why You Need THIS Book

Through my research, I discovered almost all the sex advice was for women. Us men were being left in the dark!

And the amount of bogus advice I encountered was absolutely shocking!

Some of it sounded good on paper.

But when I tried them in the bedroom, I was humiliated!

This textbook theory got me into some serious hot water. It even ended one relationship on the spot! She forced me out of her house
half-naked as I was tripping over my pants!

Thanks to Better Sex For Men, you don't have to sift through hundreds of pages of sex advice for women to find one golden nugget
for men.

... and you avoid the humiliation of testing out B.S. advice that doesn't work.

Open Better Sex For Men to ANY page... drop your finger
on ANY paragraph... and you'll be minutes away from a mind-blowing
sexual experience, like nothing you've ever experienced before!

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More Little-Known Secrets for Life-Changing Sex...

  • Sexual stimulant foods scientifically shown to boost sexual cravings - these are amazing!
  • One potentially deadly aphrodisiac to avoid at all costs
  • 12 Aphrodisiac drugs and herbs: research, claims and side effects revealed. Discover the TRUTH most men never know about
  • 18 hygiene secrets that increase your confidence, and make you more attractive and sexy (not one in 10 men follow them all)
  • 11 little-known secret ways to increase your sex appeal in face-to-face conversation
  • 16 places to have sex for more exciting intercourse (Caution: use some at your own risk, they might be illegal)
  • Planning to get pregnant? 11 vitamins, minerals and herbs for boosting sperm volume
  • And so much more!

I have to tell you that writing this book completely turned my sex life around, and it will do the same for you.

Although my marriage didn't last, my sex life is even BETTER today than it was in my already wild twenties! With this book at your fingertips, you'll have every piece of the puzzle you'll ever need for a lasting, loving relationship full of hot steamy sex and mutual romance.

21 Sex Myths Exposed

Believing common myths about sex is probably seriously hurting your sex life right now. Here are some of the 21 Sex Myths Exposed
in this eye-opening chapter...

  • The truth about "good girls" and their sex drive and what it takes to turn them on
  • What women really think about penis size... length vs. thickness
  • 2 reasons why you both get more sexual pleasure when you DON'T climax together
  • How to smell your way to a hard-on... learn the two foods (when smelled together) scientifically proven to increase blood flow
    to the penis
  • The truth about "Quickies" - when your woman likes them and when you should never ask
  • Sex During Pregnancy: What SHE wants you to know and why it means better sex for both of you
  • The potent foreplay "rule" almost no man obeys. Try it and send her into an aroused sexual frenzy every time
  • The ONE thing women find sexier than anything else. HINT: It has nothing to do with your body or looks. Focus on this, and make
    your woman "ga-ga" over you (this is THE secret method average Joe's use to easily attract gorgeous women).

With your copy of Better Sex For Men, you'll never let one of these 21 myths cripple your sex life again.

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Comprehensive overview of the many facets of this debilitating condition - from causes to treatments. With this report, you never have to let E.D. stand in your way. (31 pages)

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  • The 7 signs of female arousal
  • The 13 erogenous zones - how to use them with confidence to make her want you badly
  • 5 sure signs she's having a REAL orgasm - instantly sharpen your "fake orgasm radar"
  • The truth about the g-spot (one of the 3 gateways to female orgasm) What it is, where it
    is, and exactly how to find it
  • How to master the female clitoris (this alone will make you "#1 Stud" in her book)
  • 4 paths to female orgasm, step-by-step
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